Now you can easily preschool your child at home - within 30 minutes
Low prep. No printouts.
Only 100% play.


20 Weeks of Play-Based Curriculum Using Supplies You Already Have! No Printer Required.
Get 20 weeks of AMAZING Preschool-at-Home lessons plus a stack of Incredible BONUSES for a limited time!
Get 20 weeks of AMAZING preschool-at-home lessons plus a stack of Incredible BONUSES for a limited time!

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Kathryn Paniagua

Mommy and Me Preschool is my absolute favorite!! My 3 year-old LOVES learning time every morning to the point where she wakes up asking what we are going to do (it has never been that way before this program).

Amy has everything beautifully laid out and so easy to follow. She has a list of things you need each week and it is all so organized.

I am fully convinced my daughter will be prepared for preschool this fall because she and I love this program so much. It was exactly what I needed to start teaching her.
Thank you Amy! 

Suzy Sanchez

"I love, love, love this program!
In just two weeks my daughter has learned shapes and colors and she's working on counting and fine motor skills. She looks forward to "playing" school with me each day and aside from great age-appropriate learning it's a low prep
bonding opportunity for both of us.
Even big brother loves getting in on the painting and sensory activities when he's done with his school work for the day. Thanks for this amazing tool!" 

You’ve tried 28,475 ways to get your toddler to learn...

  • Pre-K workbooks
  • ABC Mouse
  • Wipe erase boards
  • ​Arts & crafts projects (courtesy of Pinterest)
  • ​Storybooks
  • ​Expensive kits mailed to your home

You’ve spent hours (and $$$)

  • Pinteresting for lesson plan ideas
  • Putting lesson plans together
  • Printing worksheets on the daily
  • ​Buying supplies (you’ll never use more than once)

While still doing mommy duty…

  • Cleaning up toys
  • Cooking meals
  • Diapering/potty training
  • ​Bathing
  • ​Entertaining
  • ​& Tending to every little need

(ON R-E-P-E-A-T)

Buttttt despite your best efforts...your toddler 

  • Doesn’t see you as their ‘teacher’
  • Is bored out of their mind
  • ​Doesn’t want to do ‘school work’
  • ​Would rather watch Daniel Tiger
  • ​Isn’t affected by threats or bribes

“Just who doesn’t respond to a chocolate-flavored bribe anyway?”

*Deeeep Breath* 

I got you!

Dear Mom (and Dad),
I see you... struggling and ready to pull your teeth out. 

Amy here. 

Mom of five. Lover of all things fun, play, and ice-cream.

I believe play-based learning is the most organic, sustainable, and effective way for children to learn.

Which means you no longer have to...

Run to the store twice (because you forgot something)…
 Buy a cartload of supplies…
And prep for an hour…

Only to find that your preschooler has ZERO interest in the particular activity.

It’s time you trade... 

  • Printouts for play dough
  • Daniel Tiger for dinosaurs
  • Preschool apps for paint-filled paper cups


Go from a frazzled parent to a fun-loving family


The Mommy & Me 
Ultimate Preschool-At-Home Bundle 

20 weeks of play-based curriculum that ignites your preschooler's love for learning, prepares them for kindergarten, and strengthens their bond with mommy (or daddy)

Take a peek inside! 

Your chest will swell with pride when your little one says “wanna play school with me, mommy?” 

With Mommy & Me, you can wave goodbye to: 

  • Boring and rigid preschool workbooks
  • Watching hours of ABC Mouse and Mother Goose Club, or playing “educational” games on the iPad (a.k.a. a hyper 3-year-old running around the house)
  • Researching, downloading, and printing worksheets (in fact, you won’t have to print a single sheet of paper)
  • ​Ordering fancy supplies on Amazon to recreate what you saw on Pinterest (you can use whatever supplies you have at home) 

Get Instant Access to 20 Themes That Promise Countless Funearn (Fun + Learning) Opportunities...

(packed with fine motor, gross & STEM skills - key for your child’s cognitive development)

Each theme incorporates 10 different learning concepts -

Focus Area

Math Lessons

So your preschooler can

  • Understand size, shape, and patterns
  • Count verbally from 0-10 (and backwards!)
  • Identify more and less of a quantity or tall and short
  • ​Learn how to problem solve

Focus Area

Literacy Lessons

So your preschooler can

  • Identify colors
  • Sound out letters
  • Write the letters (which can lead to writing their name)
  • Draw, sort colors, and name shapes

Focus Area

Preschool Songs List

So your preschooler can

  • Move and sing along with top preschool YouTube artists 
  • Develop their imagination, creativity & concentration

Focus Area

Storybook Recommendations

So your preschooler can

  • Build their budding vocabulary
  • Improve letter recognition

Focus Area

Arts & Crafts

So your preschooler can

  • Improve sensory skills
  • Cultivate imagination
  • ​Have F-U-N
  • ​Show off their artwork to friends and family 

Focus Area

Sensory Play

So your preschooler can

  • Get the sense of touch through tactile hands-on play
  • Learn & create sounds (not the whiny, tantrum-y, meltdown ones)

Focus Area

Dramatic Play

So your preschooler can

  • Learn concepts through role playing
  • Engage their imagination

Focus Area


So your preschooler can

  • Understand speed
  • Learn all four seasons
  • ​Understand germination (for real)

Focus Area

Gross Motor

So your preschooler can

  • Improve school readiness skills such as reading, writing and sitting posture
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem

Focus Area


So your preschooler can

  • Learn to count
  • Develop new taste buds
  • Explore with their senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound)​

That totals up to...

  • 100 Math & Literacy activities
  • 100 Art or Block projects
  • 100 Book recommendations
  • ​100 Sing-along songs
  • ​20 Gross Motor activities
  • ​20 Science projects
  • ​20 Yummy recipes
  • ​20 Sensory play ideas
  • ​20 Dramatic play ideas

Because I am *so* determined to see your preschooler thrive and become a confident kindergartner, I’m also throwing in a few bonuses...



The What My Child Needs To Know For Kindergarten Checklist

Wondering (and worried sick) if your child’s not ready for Kindergarten? 

This teacher-created, 13-point checklist will instantly put your fears to rest. 



The Progress Tracking Chart

Track your child’s progress using this nifty downloadable progress tracking chart. Check for number recognition, uppercase and lowercase letters, shapes and numbers.

(side note: be prepared to be blown away by your kiddo!) 



The 5 Biggest Mistakes Preschool Moms Make 


In this special video series, you’ll discover: 
  • How to develop and increase their ‘attention span’ so they can build concentration skills 
  • What you must account for in every lesson to encourage creative independent thinking and problem solving
  • Why you should do this ONE thing, if you want your kiddos to love learning, understand new concepts, and build a strong memory
  • ​Why your preschooler’s getting frustrated and isn’t showing interest (and how you can turn this around)
  • ​How to get your child to do what you want ( hint: it’s now what you say - it’s how you say it) 



What Your Home Preschool Schedule Should Look Like By Age 


“Should my 3-year-old be spelling her name or learning her shapes?” 
“How do I get my 5year-old to count past 10?” 

Watch this special video series as Ms.FirstName tells you what activities your child should be doing at age 2-5.

No more guessing or (gasp) learning the wrong lesson plan.

Mommy & Me Is 100% Fun & Zero Boredom

(30 minutes , per day is all you need) 

• 20 Weeks of Preschool Activity Plans.....(Value $159)
• 20 Weeks of Preschool Craft Ideas.....(value $79)
• Comprehensive Preschool Theme Calendar.....(value $12)
• The Ultimate Preschool Book List.....(value $19)
• The Ultimate Preschool Song List.....(value $19)
• The Quick and Easy Preschool Supply List.....(value $7)
BONUS #1: Kindergarten Readiness Checklist.....(value $9)
BONUS #2: Progress Tracking Chart.....(value $9)
BONUS #3: 5 Biggest Preschool Mistakes and Fixes.....(value $47)
BONUS #4: Your Preschool Schedule By Age.....(value $47)
Total Value = $407 
Today's Price = $97  $37

It's as simple as ABC…

Choose a theme. Pull it up on your phone or computer. And get the play party started.

Curious what your little one can achieve...

 Within a couple of days? 

“My son mastered colors and shapes. I got the lessons together quickly and started on a schedule for the day. He’s still young but is excited about ‘school time’, he calls it.”

- Lydia H.

Within a couple of weeks? 

"My 4.5-year-old could match the uppercase letters with the lowercase ones.” 

- Natalie L.

Within a month? 



Within a couple of months? 

“He’s learned counting, shapes and colours. Even looks at the analog clock and says the "time" ie. if the clock is showing the hour hand at 4 pm, he actually says it is 4.”

- Beth L.

“Yeah but… what if this doesn’t work for my child?”

Now because I know this chart may read more like your child’s favorite fairytale than a snapshot of them rattling off shapes, numbers, and letters with gusto - I’m giving you the choice to try Mommy & Me, anxiety-free.

Allow me to introduce…

Easy-As-Child’s-Play (not the movie)
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Mommy & Me Ultimate Preschool-At-Home Bundle is a structured, 20-week play-based curriculum that helps your preschooler learn and have fun. (what??!) 

The best part? You don’t need a printer, extensive planning, supplies, or candy to bribe your kiddos to pull this off. 

Take 14 days. Explore the themes. Pick one that appeals to you. Work through math and literacy. Complete a fun art project. Whip up a recipe in the kitchen with your child. Experience the fun, giggles, and beam with pride as your child learns key concepts.  

If you’re not feeling the results of this program, you deserve your money back. And we’ll give you back every cent. Just email us at (email address) on Day 14 (or earlier), and we’ll send you a full refund . 

Use that 14-day mark to send us an email or leave us a review saying how much you love the program? We’ll take that!

Because that’s what these moms did...

- Courtney

"We really like the mommy and me preschool. It’s a fun curriculum that both my 4 and 5-year-old boys have been enjoying it, and I’m having fun teaching it!! 

Great job on creating a great program... it’s been very helpful to our family during this transition to homeschool for the rest of the school year because of the closure of schools. 

I’m also planning to homeschool throughout the summer and in this program it allows me to do that!! Thanks again!"    
Don't let your child's most critical years for brain development...
go to waste, because you don't know where to start.
You see a few of your mom friends and favorite Instagramers doing cool preschool activities with their kids at home. 

You know you want to give your child that HUGE head start too so they aren't behind when they head to their first kindergarten assessments.
By the time you’ve managed to get everyone up, dressed, and fed the morning is already half over. You need activities that are ready to go NOW! 

You can't afford to take time to locate them on Pinterest and then print, paint, cut, glue, and laminate them. 

By the time you do all that, the window for learning time is OVER and your kids are cranky and begging for lunch.
To make matters worse, you don’t even know exactly what your child should be learning or what they are required to know before kindergarten. 

If you just go it on your own, you might be missing some of the most important brain development milestones in their lives that end when they are hitting school age and you had no idea.
Imagine how great it would be to pull up a weekly preschool plan on your phone or computer...
and have your activities planned and ready to go. 

Jeanelle Parrott    

"Your program saved my preschool’s mommy’s butt.

Right off the bat we did the shape hunt and it’s been going solid since. 

Your program helped me wrap my head around her skill set and development. I’m really happy. It’s helped me integrate everything else in our life. 

 What a life saver! Thank you!"
My Story Starts Here...
Why I Started The Worldwide Planning Playtime Movement…
When I started doing at-home preschool with my first child 13-years-ago it was ROUGH! I was literally spending hours a day just searching for ideas online and building out my weekly preschool plans.
I would find some good ideas but they felt scattered and didn't fit well together.
Just to get these here and there scattered ideas I had to sign up for everyone and their aunt's email lists which destroyed my inbox. 

Then I still had to try to find a way to organize it all into some kind of theme, buy all of the special supplies, and still have energy, time, and patience to do the actual activities.
I wanted something better for me and for my child. I wanted ideas that made sense and were easy for a mom like me to do with supplies I already had around my house.
When we started sharing these new ideas online MILLIONS of moms tuned in to watch creating a thriving worldwide community of over 1.4 million moms and teachers around the world.
The Mommy & Me Ultimate Preschool-at-home Bundle
A no printer required, easy-to-follow preschool activity plan to get your child ready for kindergarten.
Purchased this to do homeschooling with my daughter. Bought both bundles. Such a steal! Thank you for making something for those of us that do not want our children on electronics! Amazing!!!! So incredibly happy with my purchase!
-Heather G.
The time it takes to lesson plan has reduced by more than half and it's incredibly easy to prep for the month. My son absolutely loves Planning Playtime activities! He eagerly pulls out activities after pre-k3 so he can have fun with learning. I'm amazed at how much he loves to learn! Thanks so much Planning Playtime! 
- Lovie A., New York
I am SO glad I stumbled upon your site today! After months of no structure and my daughter seeming bored and me feeling very uncreative, I am so happy to have something outlined very simply that we can do each day! She will love these activities and I will love not having to come up with something every day! It must have taken you FOREVER to put this all together but I am so grateful!! 
I can’t wait to get started with her! THANK YOU!
- Abby M.
Your child could blow their kindergarten teacher away... 
grow an attention span of longer than 5 minutes, and love school time with mommy Instead of begging for games on your phone.
I’ve been a public school educator for 15 years. Then I had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home educator, so I jumped on it. 

I was spending 10-12 hours a week, researching themes, ordering library books, shopping for materials, and prepping hands-on activities for my kiddos. 

After a year and a half, I stumbled upon Planning Playtime. It has cut my prep time down 75%.
The time it takes to lesson plan has reduced by more than half and it's incredibly easy to prep for the month. 

My son absolutely loves Planning Playtime activities! He eagerly pulls out activities after pre-k3 so he can have fun with learning.

I'm amazed at how much he loves to learn! Thanks so much Planning Playtime!
I was struggling coming up with activities for the children to do. I would spend hours making a lesson plan.

The lesson planning now is a breeze. I choose what we are going to do and print and laminate them. I put them in pencil holders, the children can choose what they want to play with.

I had a child tell me that they like me being their teacher. I asked why? He said "Because we like all the stuff you make." Thanks to Planning Playtime.


No sweat, mom. We got you covered.

It varies by age and attention span. Plan on at least 15 minutes but up to over an hour depending on how your child responds.
You can expect to see an improvement in attention span and counting to 10 within the first 2 months. Because we use a very organic, play-based approach to the alphabet rather than the outdated letter of the week method, it will take a bit longer to learn letters. However, when they come, they will come more quickly and easily.
Absolutely. This product was MADE for moms. It is prepared with all of the required skills in mind so you don’t have to worry about them. Also, we’ve planned the activities around things you already have around your home so you don’t have to buy a bunch of supplies or spend hours cutting and laminating activities you will use only once.
Of course. Kids are typically only in preschool for a few hours a week. These activities are perfect for before or after school fun time with mommy. The activities are built to be so play-based that this could be some of your best time with your child each day.

Yes. Set your sitter up for success by providing them with incredibly fun, educational activities to do with your child.
No laminator or printer required. Most of the supplies we use will be in your kitchen or craft closet. There are a few things you may need to pick up but many of those you can find at the dollar store.
Nope. They don’t. The cost for us to print, prep, and ship this to you would more than double the cost.
Just pull it up on your ipad or phone for quick reference unless you very specifically want a paper copy.
This product is generally for kids ages 3-5 years. Some of the activities, and the books and songs could go as young as 2 years.

Here's what I recommend. Before you start any of the activities, watch the incredible BONUS What Your Preschool Schedule Should Look Like by Age. 

In that video a veteran preschool teacher will walk you through exactly what types of activities your child should be working on at ages, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The ideas and tips she shares in there are GOLD and you can use them not only during Mommy and Me preschool time, but also for the rest of the day.
Yes. You will get instant access to all of the preschool activity plans and bonuses.
Copyright laws do not allow you to share these printables with your friends. However, you are welcome to share this hidden page with them and invite them to be your Mommy & Me Preschool accountability buddies.
We want you to be 100% happy. You can return it within 15 days for a complete refund.
Listen, you know the value of giving your child a good education. You know it’s important to give them a head start as they enter kindergarten and beyond. Stop wasting any more time digging through Pinterest and prepping complicated activities that take so long to prep that you probably won’t ever get to them.
Convert all that time you already spend searching for ideas over to actual preschool time with your child and give them that jumpstart every parent wants their child to have. Not only that, you can also walk into your child’s kindergarten assessment with confidence knowing they are WAY ahead of the curve and ready to excel in school.
Let’s get started!
Amy N

The Mommy & Me Ultimate Preschool-At-Home Bundle Is Perfect For You If…

  • Your child’s between 2-5 years of age.
  • You’re a multi-child family. (read: you have twins, triplets, or multi-age toddlers and need educational activities) 
  • You want a play-based, structured, preschool program that guarantees fun and maximizes learning potential. 
  • ​You want to open your Mommy & Me app, pick a theme (out of the 20), and get started with your ‘school lesson’ - as easy as 1,2,3!
  • ​You want your child to be ready for kindergarten.
  • ​You want to harness your child’s fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills through play. Not through YouTube, ABC Mouse, or formulaic educational games.
  • ​You want your child to LOVE learning and soak up everything like an eager sponge. 
  • ​You’re exhausted with attempting to recreate what you saw on Pinterest or Instagram. Buying supplies. Planning overwhelm. And harming the environment (because your printer won’t stop printing worksheets!)
  • ​You plan to homeschool your child instead of paying for pricey preschool.
  • ​You want your child to love learning with and from YOU!

Nod ‘yes’ to any (or ALL) of the above?

Grab The Mommy & Me Ultimate Preschool-At-Home Bundle 

100% Fun
Zero chance of boredom.

• 20 Weeks of Preschool Activity Plans.....(Value $159)
• 20 Weeks of Preschool Craft Ideas.....(value $79)
• Comprehensive Preschool Theme Calendar.....(value $12)
• The Ultimate Preschool Book List.....(value $19)
• The Ultimate Preschool Song List.....(value $19)
The Quick and Easy Preschool Supply List.....(value $7)
BONUS #1: Kindergarten Readiness Checklist.....(value $9)
BONUS #2: Progress Tracking Chart.....(value $9)
BONUS #3: 5 Biggest Preschool Mistakes and Fixes.....(value $47)
BONUS #4: Your Preschool Schedule By Age.....(value $47)
Total Value = $407 
Today's Price = $97  $37
Mommy and Me Preschool is a product by Planning Playtime Inc.  All Rights Reserved
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